Perfectly Aged Rice

The purest basmati rice, a long, rich aromatic grain, with its delicate flavour and sweet taste, is the perfect accompaniment to any dish. It helps make your meal truly memorable.

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The finest
basmati rice

We grow our rice in the finest conditions in select parts of northern india and create this product with precise ageing, processing and integrity.

Quick cooking
Long grain

Changing the world one grain at a time

From farm to plate

Raw rice is purchased from farmers and local mandis from all over the north of india and the Himalayan foothills. Every grain of daawat basmati rice can be traced back to the paddy fields of its origin. We work with farmers to educate them on the use of pesticides, and we are proudly registered on the global sustainable rice platform (srp) that encourages farmers to grow residue compliant products in light of changing global food safety norms.

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Every recipe is a story
or memory in the making

Enjoy the unforgettable moments, when serving the finest basmati rice dishes to your family and friends.
We are proud to grow, deliver and share this extraordinary experience with you.

Outstanding rice
for every dish

If you’re after some culinary inspiration, look no further. Here you’ll find a whole host of recipes that show how sensible eating can be both simple and delicious.

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Tomorrow’s dreams pursued today

Expanding our global footprint

The future we want is made in the present. Many of today’s dreams go on to shape tomorrow’s world. Our first rice processing unit in europe is located in rotterdam, netherlands for distribution within europe. The unit has a manufacturing capacity of 80,000 tonnes with the scope to expand.

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